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Hilger Hammond mediation & arbitration attorneys are trained and experienced in a wide variety of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Each method utilizes different skills and insights to be effective. Whether we are selected to serve as one of three arbitrators on a panel for the American Arbitration Association, or are asked to mediate a dispute, we stand ready to help facilitate the resolution of disputes.

Mediation & Arbitration Legal Strategies 

The court statistics show that the vast majority of lawsuits filed never reach a trial by a judge or jury. One of the primary methods of bringing warring factions in a lawsuit together is a facilitated mediation. Simply put, with the right mediator and mindset of the parties, the process works.

  • We are Skilled Neutrals.

While there may be times when the proper result can only be achieved through trial, litigation can be expensive and unpredictable. The mediators at Hilger Hammond have significant experience conducting mediations with a high rate of success.  As skilled neutrals, we bring a wealth of knowledge, training, and creativity to the pre-litigation and litigation mediation process.  In mediation proceeding, we bring our “people skills” to the table to constructively and creatively guide parties to negotiated resolutions.

  • We are Skilled Problem Solvers.

Guiding clients to a satisfactory and timely resolution of their disputes is at the heart of practicing law. In addition to our many years of experience conducting ADR, we have participated in hundreds of ADR proceedings as advocates for our clients. Our depth and breadth of experience in negotiating resolution of complex issues includes matters involving construction, business, insurance, real estate, professional errors and omissions, and other complex commercial matters.

Mediation Representative Experience:

  • Negotiated on multiple occasions the resolution of multi-party claims involving multiple millions of dollars regarding large public institutional facilities where the owner, contractor, subcontractors, suppliers, and designers were involved
  • Negotiated on multiple occasions the resolution of numerous claims between general contractors and subcontractor as to defective work, change orders, extra work and schedule delay
  • Negotiated on multiple occasions the resolution of insurance coverage disputes between general contractors and subcontractor insurance carriers regarding alleged defective work of subcontractors
  • Negotiated on multiple occasions the resolution of multi-million dollar claim against public entities, financial institutions and others related to failed projects, loss of project financing and payment to construction professionals for improvements to failed projects
  • Negotiated on multiple occasions the resolution of disputes regarding design issues

Mediation & Arbitration Lawyers

Headshot for Lawyer Steve Hilger

Stephen A. Hilger, Arbitrator & Mediator – American Arbitration Association

Steve Hilger has dedicated a significant portion of his practice to mediation. He is qualified as a mediator with the American Arbitration Association, and he has served in that capacity for nearly twenty years, leading arbitrations in jurisdictions across the nation. Steve is frequently selected by his peers to serve as a facilitator/mediator/arbitrator for complex multi-party commercial litigation matters. He offers deep experience with the strategic use of ADR procedures.

Arbitrators need to be decisive, but fair. Steve Hilger is not afraid to call balls and strikes as he sees them. He is not a “split the baby” kind of arbitrator. The contract and facts will result in a winner and loser in most arbitrated matters before Steve. Advocates appreciate Steve’s bold approach and willingness to make hard decisions when the facts and law warrant such a decision.

Steve is on the list of approved arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association and is frequently asked to serve as an arbitrator by other attorneys.

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Headshot for Hilger Hammond Lawyer Aileen Leipprandt

Aileen M. Leipprandt, Mediator

Aileen Leipprandt is a critical thinker and problem solver. Her passion is in developing, sharpening, and implementing strategies that efficiently meet clients’ legal, financial, and relational goals. If litigation becomes necessary, Aileen brings more than 25 years of legal counseling and litigation experience to the table in construction law and commercial litigation.

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Benjamin H. Hammond, Mediator

Ben Hammond has a reputation for bringing people together. He listens carefully and brings creative solutions to mediation. Ben never gives up on a mediation and believes that every case can settle if the parties fully appreciate all risks involved. Resolution at mediation provides certainty, confidentiality and control of the costs moving forward. Ben has a background in litigating both tort cases in the general civil division, but most recently cases in the business dockets. Ben is a perfect selection to mediate a case that involves a complex construction dispute, a contract matter of any nature or a tort claim. He has been certified as a mediator through the Michigan SCAO process, is listed as a mediator on the ADR panel lists in Kent and Ottawa counties, and frequently volunteers as a mediator at two dispute resolution centers in West Michigan.

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Headshot for Hilger Hammond Lawyer Mark Rysberg

Mark Rysberg, Mediator

Mark Rysberg dedicates part of his practice to acting as a mediator to assist parties involved in construction, commercial, and real estate disputes. He has completed the Michigan Supreme Court Administrator’s Office training and experience requirements, and has extensive continuing education experience in dispute resolution practices. Mark has been selected by peers and has been appointed by numerous courts to assist parties with facilitating resolution of construction and commercial litigation disputes through the mediation process.

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