Hilger Hammond Celebrates 15 Years of Service!

15 years ago, on a beautiful summer day in July, Steve Hilger had an idea to build a new law firm. One committed to providing clients with the highest level of service so that they could grow and thrive.  

A 15 Year Retrospective

From founding partner Steve Hilger.

Hilger Hammon co-founder Steve Hilger in office

The idea for Hilger Hammond was centered on the philosophy of finding the highest quality and most talented attorneys capable of providing the highest level of legal service and who also possessed a humble outlook towards life, people and the world around them. To find these people, I resolved to seek only attorneys who were better and smarter than myself. Then it dawned on me: it was July 4, Independence Day. A perfect omen.

Then, the plan began to develop. The initial idea was to have a boutique law firm servicing the construction industry which was greater in size and strength than any of the construction law groups of the larger firms. Ben Hammond then joined the team and added to the vision which resulted in the firm being called Hilger Hammond, PC. This was followed by Mark Rysberg joining as a legal intern and Aileen Leipprandt joining as a shareholder. Mark later became a shareholder. The foundation for the firm was now set.

In the years that followed, Hilger Hammond continued to build the team to what it is today and diversified our services to include litigation, business, real estate, estate planning and employment law. In that capacity, we have enjoyed continuing business and client relationships which have spanned multiple decades. We have had the pleasure and privilege of serving our clients in 35 states on hundreds of projects, large and small. We have made and continue to make a commitment to excellence. We have done our very best to give back to the construction community by actively participating in multiple trade associations at leadership levels. We have developed the mutual admiration and respect not only of our clients but also other construction professionals. This is not something you can buy – you must earn it. The fact that we have earned it is something I am personally most proud of and it validates the core values and principles upon which the firm was built.

My only regret is that I will not be an active participant in the next fifteen years as I officially move to an ‘Of Counsel’ support role! I will certainly be watching, with great interest, from the sidelines. But, everyone on the Hilger Hammond team meets the criteria of being better and smarter than me, which means the firm is on track to do and will do great things. Of this I have no doubt, and for which I am and continue to be very proud.

Thank you to all the clients, community partners, family members and especially our amazing staff for ‘making it happen.’ We look forward to the next 15 years!

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