Hilger Hammond is pleased to welcome Cathy Greer to the firm. Cathy is a paralegal who participates in the representation of clients in the construction law and commercial litigation areas.

Cathy’s previous experience includes managing all litigation claims on behalf of one of Michigan’s largest municipal self-insurance risk pools. Her daily responsibilities include helping to formulate the strategy for various litigation matters; execution of that strategy through the initiation of and response to discovery; the procurement, review, analysis, and organization of documentary evidence; and technical research. Over her years as a paralegal, Cathy has developed relationships with numerous clients, consultants and experts with whom she works in the development of litigation strategies, including the presentation of expert testimony. By keeping up-to-date on the status of all client matters for which she has responsibility, becoming familiar with the priorities and business needs of the Firm’s clients, and being accessible and responsive, Cathy participates in the execution of the firm’s goal of ensuring that its clients are well informed and well represented.

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