By Mark Rysberg, Esq. and Daniel Hatch, Esq.

Attorneys Mark A. Rysberg and Daniel J. Hatch of Hilger Hammond recently authored a comprehensive article in CFMA Building Profits magazine regarding captive insurance programs and how they can improve a contractor’s bottom line.

The article focuses on how I.R.C. 831(b) provides opportunities to reduce a operating expenses, reduce risk, and improve the valuation of contracting and subcontracting companies. The article also delves into dispelling some of the more popular myths surrounding captives insurance programs to illustrate the point that these are valuable tools for savy contractors and subcontractors that are willing to explore how the concept can be a fit for their companies.  

CFMA members can read the article here.

Anyone else interested in receiving a courtesy copy of the article may contact Mark or Dan directly.

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